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Patient Survey

Here at TheraMAX Rehabilitation & Sports Physical Therapy, PLLC, we are committed to providing the utmost quality care in a comfortable, yet professional environment. Please take the time to complete this survey so that we can assure that we are providing care to the best of our ability.
How did you learn about this facility? Check all that apply. *
Was this your first experience with physical therapy? *
Was this your first experience with this facility? *
Please check the area of the problem for which you received treatment? Check all that apply. *
Please rate your degree of satisfaction for each of the following statements:
My goals for physical therapy were met. *
My physical therapist was courteous. *
All other staff members were helpful. *
The clinic scheduled appointments at convenient times. *
I was satisfied with the treatment provided by my physical therapist. *
My first visit for physical therapy was scheduled quickly. *
It was easy to schedule visits after my first appointment. *
I was seen promptly when I arrived for treatment. *
The location of the facility was convenient for me. *
Parking was available for me. *
My physical therapist understood my problem or condition. *
The instructions my physical therapist gave me were helpful. *
I would recommend this facility to family and friends. *
I would return to this facility if I required physical therapy care in the future. *
Overall, I was satisfied with my experience with physical therapy. *