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"John monitored and helped with all my exercises..."

From my first visit my progress towards rehabilitation went in a positive way. John monitored and helped with all my exercises and he was also very informative when it came time to increase and add exercises to my treatment. Though the stretches were somewhat painful, they brought me to great range of motion.

Both John and Darline made my experience extremely pleasant. Thanks for everything.

-Vincent C.

Tips from the Experts

Tips from the Experts

Speaking of Rotator Cuff

You have completed your spring clean up, started the weekly mowing, and if you are luckier than the rest of us, you may have even returned to the bowling lanes, the tennis courts, the golf course or even the gym. You just now realize that the small tenderness, the miniscule but sharp pinch or even the slight weakness you felt while lifting the leaf bags just hasn’t gone away. In fact, it’s worse…much worse and ibuprofen just isn’t touching it. You may have injured your rotator cuff.

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