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"John and his staff were both professionals..."

I had shoulder surgery due to a torn bicep. During my PT sessions with John my range of motion and strength returned to the point that I could continue the sport (boxing) that I used to do before the injury.

John and his staff were both professional, prompt and the treatment was effective. Well done!

-Joseph L.

Tips from the Experts

Tips from the Experts


Millions of people suffer from low back pain each day. Most are between the ages of 30 and 50, and many endure not only back pain, but also severe pain or numbness running into one or both legs. The result: loss of activity, inability to work and inability to participate in the activities we enjoy most. It is estimated that some 80 to 90% of Americans will suffer from back pain during their lifetime, about 50% of which will have more than one episode. Often times, you will hear the name “Sciatica” associated with this pain, and rightly so.

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