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"I was very satisfied with the treatment offered at TheraMAX..."

I was very satisfied with the treatment offered at TheraMAX for my shoulder and deltoid area. John was clear with me as to what the purpose of each treatment and exercise was. I was pushed to do as much as I was capable of doing, but not to overextend myself. New exercises were added as my condition improved. I also got a series of exercises to do at home.

I was comfortable that the staff was monitoring my progress and cared about my rehab. They were also flexible with appointment timing so I didn't have to interrupt my work schedule.

-Joseph M.

Tips from the Experts

Tips from the Experts

Spring cleaning and your aching body

It seems like only last week we were engaged in the tasks of autumn, picking up leaves and preparing our yards for the long winter ahead. Regardless of how well you may have done in the fall, and no matter how many hours you may have logged in that yard, yep, you’re going to do it all over again. Spring clean-up! Uhg!

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