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Hudson T.

My experience was really good because I started with really bad arm strength. I gained that back and I can now hopefully continue with my baseball career. I have the opportunity to now play again which was something a year ago that I didn’t think would happen.

-Hudson T.

Barbara B.M.

I had a great experience at TheraMAX. John, Darline and Anto  are a terrific team who truly care. My knee is doing beautifully!

-Barbara B.M.

Barbara B.

I started Physical Therapy with John for pain in my right hip before and after my hip replacement. I can say I had the BEST Physical Therapy treatment ever given by John and his staff. Thank you very much, I would recommend everyone I know in need of Physical Therapy to John.

-Barbara B.

Cristine K.

Very different approach from previous PT. Improved quickly and I was encouraged. Office runs efficiently and rarely behind schedule. I would recommend to others looking for PT. I always say: "You have to like the guy torturing you - John was just the right mix of compassion and professionalism."

-Cristine K.

Sondra G.

Thank you for everything! my knee feels great. I saw my doctor yesterday and he said you did a great job. Thanks again.

-Sondra G.

Tips from the Experts

Tips from the Experts

Physical Preparation for Decoration

Photo by Stephanie Wallace

The time crunch for Holiday decorating both inside and out is officially on. As you may have hopes and aspirations of early preparations, the fact remains that there is a lot of work to do. Not to mention heavy lifting, repeated overhead reaching and lots of bending.

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