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Tong Y.

The staff at TheraMAX are friendly and helpful. I feel much much better than the first day I came in, My pain is totally gone and I can go back to do all the exercises I want to do. Thank you TheraMAX.

-Tong Y.

Joseph L.

I had shoulder surgery due to a torn bicep. During my PT sessions with John my range of motion and strength returned to the point that I could continue the sport (boxing) that I used to do before the injury.

John and his staff were both professional, prompt and the treatment was effective. Well done!

-Joseph L.

Paul C.

I came in for Vestibular rehab, the experience was beyond expectations. After therapy I went home and I was balanced 100% I could not believe it. The professionalism and knowledge put me back to normal living. Thank you very much John.

-Paul C.

Diane P.

Great! We greatly appreciate all the time, energy and support John provided. Thanks for getting our daughter back to where she was, it was a long time but he continued to push our daughter in a positive way.

-Diane P.

Joseph M.

I was very satisfied  with the treatment offered at TheraMAX for my shoulder and deltoid area. John was clear with me as to what the purpose of each treatment and exercise was. I was pushed to do as much as I was capable of doing, but not to overextend myself. New exercises were added as my condition improved. I also got a series of exercises to do at home.

I was comfortable that the staff was monitoring my progress and cared about my rehab. They were also flexible with appointment timing so I didn't have to interrupt my work schedule.

-Joseph M.

Tips from the Experts

Tips from the Experts

The Stress of Neck Pain

Probably the most common complaint among adults at some point in their lives is the complaint of tightness or pain in the neck. While such a condition obviously has many causes, there are a number of modifications or stretches you can do to minimize or eliminate your pain.

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