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Cristine K.

Very different approach from previous PT. Improved quickly and I was encouraged. Office runs efficiently and rarely behind schedule. I would recommend to others looking for PT. I always say: "You have to like the guy torturing you - John was just the right mix of compassion and professionalism."

-Cristine K.

Sondra G.

Thank you for everything! my knee feels great. I saw my doctor yesterday and he said you did a great job. Thanks again.

-Sondra G.

Martha P.

My experience was great! Darline was helpful and well organized. Appointments ran on time. Despite how much the treatment hurt , sessions were relaxed and as pleasant as possible. John had a good sense of how far to push me and was compassionate. Most importantly, my shoulder feels better! Thanks.

-Martha P.

Caitlin F.

My son had a great experience here. Both John and Anto were attentive to my son's needs and progress. He felt well cared for and I did as well. It was great that John and Anto treated my son as the patient, as a teen it was important for him to "own" his recovery. I liked the way both John and Anto respected him and spoke with him (not just me). It's clear that you all care about your patients. We have passed your info to the orthopedic surgeon and highly recommended you. The surgeon was impressed with my son's recovery. Darline was great to work with and very organized. Thank you all so much!

-Caitlin F.

Vincent C.

From my first visit my progress towards rehabilitation went in a positive way. John monitored and helped with all my exercises and he was also very informative when it came time to increase and add exercises to my treatment. Though the stretches were somewhat painful, they brought me to great range of motion.

Both John and Darline made my experience extremely pleasant. Thanks for everything.

-Vincent C.

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