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Jordan M.

My experience was great. The therapy really helped and after every session I could feel a difference. I also enjoyed the welcoming environment that was present.


-Jordan M.

Richard R.

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated my time in therapy with John. I’m feeling much better than I did a year ago, and John gave me information that I didn’t get from the so called “top specialist” in NYC. Thank you very much!

-Richard R.

Elliot L.

TheraMAX was really helpful. John was very knowledgeable and insightful with the treatment for my bursitis. I would highly recommend TheraMAX to anyone. Thanks!

-Elliot L.

Olga P.

I was very satisfied with my treatment. Everything went well, John the therapist is excellent. Thank you for giving me such good service. I would recommend TheraMAX to anyone who needs therapy.

-Olga P.

Lizabeth A.

I have been to other PT places before but I have found that TheraMAX was more rigorous and attentive to my needs. John is serious in his work and it was most appreciated by me and I am sure the rest of his patients. I would happily recommend TheraMAX to any of my friends.

-Lizabeth A.

Tips from the Experts

Tips from the Experts

Spring cleaning and your aching body

It seems like only last week we were engaged in the tasks of autumn, picking up leaves and preparing our yards for the long winter ahead. Regardless of how well you may have done in the fall, and no matter how many hours you may have logged in that yard, yep, you’re going to do it all over again. Spring clean-up! Uhg!

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