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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Education: The University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Years in Practice: 20

John is a graduate of The University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands where he earned his degree in Physical Therapy in 1997. John is the Director/Owner of TheraMAX Rehabilitation & Sports Physical Therapy, PLLC which he founded in 2005. He has 20 years of experience in Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation as well as home care. Additionally, John earned his certification at Emory University as a Vestibular Therapist.

He has worked in the outpatient setting since 1997. He specializes in manual therapy techniques, sports rehabilitation, orthopedics and exercise program development. He has a special interest in developing recovery and exercise programs for young athletes. He has worked with pitchers to develop rotator cuff and stretching programs. Additionally, he has years of experience working with golfers to improve mobility and sport-specific strength. John lives locally with his wife and 4 sons. When not working, he can be found coaching his sons’ baseball and football teams.

Continuing Education & Training

•    Back To Golf – BioMechanical Evaluation, Treatment and Assessment of a Golf Swing & Integrated Core Stability, September 1998

•    The Shoulder – Evaluation and Treatment of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome, March 1998

•    Strength & Coordination Certification for Healthcare Professionals, March 2002

•    Treatment Strategies to Successfully Manage the Difficult Knee & Shoulder, November 2002

•    Wellness and Prevention Programs, November 2002

•    Functional Capacity Evaluation Training, July 2003

•    Balance Assessment and Treatment, November 2005

•    Clinical Integration and Use of the NeuroCom Balance Master, January 2006

•    Introduction to Vestibular Rehabilitation, June 2006

•    Vestibular Rehabilitation: A Competency Based Certification Course (Emory University), March 2007

•    The Hurdles & Stumbling Blocks to ACL Post Operative Rehabilitation, December 2010

•    A Collaborative Approach to Patello-Femoral Pain, June 2011

•    A Collaborative Approach to the Arthritic Knee in the Active Patient, September 2011

•    A Collaborative Approach to Athletic Injuries of the Elbow, December 2011

•    A Collaborative Approach to Foot and Ankle Rehabilitation, May 2011

•    A Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation and Treatment Plan for Knee Pain in the Runner, March 2012

•    Advances in Orthopaedic Surgery, Rehabilitation Perspectives & Post-Operative Protocols, November 2012

•   Preventing Common Sports Injuries in the Young Athlete, September 2013

•    The Applied Functional Science Approach to Low Back Pain, February 2014

•   Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, August 2015

•   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Grand Rounds, August 2015

•   Barefoot Principles/Gait Evaluation: Applications in the Rehab Setting, August 2015

•   Rethinking Proprioceptive Training for Ankle Instability, September 2015

•   Pelvic Floor Dysfunction for Healthcare Professionals, September 2015

•   Arthritic Knee: Pathology and Non-Operative Management, October 2015

•   Arthritic Knee: Functional Approach to Gait Analysis,   October 2015

•   Arthritic Knee: Surgical Management: Arthroscopy, Re-Surfacing, Osteotomy, and Arthroplasty,  October 2015

•   Fall and Injury Prevention in the Elderly Population: Evidence Based Perspectives and Pilates for the Older Adult,  October 2015

•   Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement: Surgical Advances and Rehab Protocols,  October 2015

•   Patello-Femoral Pain: Anterior Knee Pain with Conservative Management,  November 2015

•   Patello-Femoral Pain: Treatment Utilizing Core Stabilizing Techniques and Massage,  November 2015

•   Pilates 101 for PT's, and Other Healthcare Professionals,  November 2015

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